Jack Moon Sessions

by John L Keck ©2013

The story of this album began as a small seed planted in John’s mind when he took a tour of Sun Studios in Memphis, TN over 2 years ago.  Any fan of music has to appreciate the significance of this space and structure.  Learning that it is still possible to walk in and record on the spot where Presley, Cash, Howln Wolf, Jerry Lee Lewis etc etc became a recurring whisper in the back of  John’s mind whenever the topic of recording was discussed.  A plan to produce a single eventually manifested into a phone call to the legendary studio and a session being booked.

On the road trip down to Memphis from KC, John began contemplating the number of songs  he could actually record in an evening.  He originally only booked 2 hours thinking that would be plenty of time to get several takes of “Die with Me”, his most recent song.

2 hours turned into 4, and 8 tracks were recorded with 3 takes of each song.

This “live” album was brought back to Kansas City and discussed with Brent Jamison and Chappy Felkins (Dreamwolfanimalbear Productions) with the intention of adding more instrumentation to it, to bring out a full band sound that John had planned for most of the songs.

John’s friends Betse Ellis; Elaine McMillan; Megan Zander & Chris Taddy of Dream Wolf; Clint Hoffmeier of Ned Ludd and Vehicle; and Hume Man were asked to sit in on the Chappy Road sessions and create the sound John was hearing in his head.

“I told Brent I was inspired by the sounds and feel from the albums “Nebraska” by Springsteen, Paul Simon’s first solo effort, Exhile… pretty much any Stones album, and  Neil Young plus Johnny Cash, what can you do with that?” - John Keck