7am - 90.1 KKFI for The Tasty Brew Music Show 3/15

I'm looking forward to waking up early, which is a strange thing for me.  But any chance to play music is a good reason to beat the sun.  And it's an honor to be a part of Diana's show "The Tasty Brew Music Show" and play a few tunes.  We'll be celebrating the life of a true music man Louis Meyers, he helped shape the modern world of music in a way that will live on in ways he couldn't possibly have dreamed of.

Stream the show at www.kkfi.org and read about the Tasty Brew show here specifically - http://www.kkfi.org/program-episodes/new-music-from-loretta-lynn-and-farewell-to-louis-meyers/

Like the page here - https://www.facebook.com/TastyBrewMusic

Tune in please and join us with a cup of something warm to get you going on your day.



On Air Radio Sunday 3/6

I had a great time this morning on the River Trade Radio show KKFI 90.1 in Kansas City but you can stream them from anywhere in the world at www.kkfi.org.  Always great music for your Sunday morning.

Leap year Day

I'm still feeling the energy of the #FAI conference and looking forward to using that fuel throughout the year.  I'm lining up lots of gigs in new venues to me to keep me busy and excited about playing.  Also I'm focusing on writing in a new way that will hopefully bring strong new songs. "Maybe its the weather, or something like that" but I'm in a great mood and ready for the year to kick off.

FAI 2016

I'm really looking forward to playing new songs this year. I've got 3 private show cases and hoping to pick up a few more.  But mostly looking forward to catching up with friends and hero's that attend the conference.  I'm hoping to get a lot out of the workshops and take away a lasting inspiration to write better songs. 

Excited about Playing at FARM

FARM or Folk Alliance Regional Midwest, is in Iowa City this year and I'm very excited to be playing there in a couple of different showcases.  Please watch for times and locations to come.

I'm thinking about the last time I was in Iowa and the beautiful landscape that you can find when you look for it.   It should be a really good trip and fingers crossed not too cold for this Georgia boy.